The iconic skincare gems of makeup artists

Let’s take a look at the skincare essentials that top makeup artists and carry in their kit. Side note, all these products are not only used on set, but are used day-to-day to repair, replenish and maintain healthy skin.
The iconic skincare gems of makeup artists - French Beauty Co.

All makeup artists can agree that the perfect makeup comes from good skin that is well prepped. Makeup artists are not only experts in sculpting the perfect contour, or blending out a smoky eye, but they are also skin artists. Skin plays an equal part in perfecting the final look. You hardly see top makeup artists piling on foundation, in fact, they love seeing skin, and enhancing it by bouncing light and deepening the contours of the face.

With all that said, let’s take a look at the skincare essentials that top makeup artists and carry in their kit. Side note, all these products are not only used on set, but are used day-to-day to repair, replenish and maintain healthy skin. 

Cleansing Water

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Bioderma Sensibio H2O Micellar Water


“absolutely so efficient and brilliant and work amazingly at getting off every last bit  of make-up from your skin without it feeling at all irritated or distressed. It takes minimal effort - the make-up just glides off on to the cotton pad - but with instant results.” 
- Samantha and Nic Chapman, Pixiwoo, founder of Real Techniques


A cult favourite of makeup artist for many reasons. It’s well loved back stage for it’s efficiency and gentle soothing properties. In their line of work, models are required to alternate between looks. The non-rinsing action of Sensibio H2O allows makeup artists to quickly work on fresh skin, and touching up on eyeliner edges and around the corners of the lips without bleeding or feathering. Unfortunately, the model’s skin is constantly put under stress as changing through looks can leave the skin feeling fragile and raw. That’s why they prefer Sensibio H2O, as it was originally formulated for extremely sensitive skin, leaving even the most fragile skin feeling cleansed and soothed.

Beauty Mist

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Caudalie Beauty Elixir


“Use this [elixir] and then moisturizer, and foundation just slips across the face and everything blends easier. It’s an overall star item; it’s one of the top two things I will never leave home without.”
– Sir John, Beyonce makeup artist.


100% natural, Caudalie’s famous Beauty Elixir mist is used in between the layers of makeup to produce a watercolour effort, blending the colours of contour, blush etc. into the foundation creating a beautiful, smooth complexion. A light mist provides an ethereal glow to the skin, or more heavy handed can create that high-fashion glossy skin. 

All-in-one Moisturiser

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Embryolisse Lait Crème Concentre


"I started using Embryolisse in the '80s. It gives a nice finish before foundation, and it's great when I'm doing no-makeup makeup" 
- Diane Kendal, pro Makeup Artist for Marc Jacobs Beauty


Underneath foundation, Embryolisse Lait Crème Concentre acts as a moisturiser and primer to seal in moisture and provides a “gripping” base for the foundation. Its ultra simple and nourishing formula is a trusted moisturiser of makeup artists thanks to its perfect balance in texture and finish. It is thin enough to hold the foundation without it sliding off whilst providing a subtle dewiness without looking oily. This multipurpose moisturiser can also double up as an overnight mask, and a emollient cleanser.

Multi Purpose Balm

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“Homeoplasmine is perfect on chapped skin. We put it on models' lips as a balm. I've used it for about 15 years”
- Pat McGrath, founder of Pat McGrath Labs


This homeopathic treatment balm is a lesser known product but a makeup artist secret to smoothing out dry patches and cracks in irritated dry skin or chapped lips. It has a matte velvet finish which offers plenty of uses. Apply half a pea size onto a disposable mascara wand to tame unruly eyebrows, mix into an eyeshadow to create that wash of colour effect, and mix into a lipstick for that al’ natural flush to the cheeks.

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