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At the very core of Weleda’s mission is the desire to heal. To restore the body’s own natural balance and to help promote healthy living

Weleda’s heritage is deeply rooted in anthroposophic medicine, a unique approach to personal health and wellbeing that recognises the connection between the human being and nature. Brand founder Dr Rudolf Steiner developed a personal approach to health care using natural ingredients to provide the body with everything it needs to be vibrant, beautiful and healthy.

Going back to the 1920s Steiner worked alongside Ita Wegman, a Dutch doctor and Oskar Schmiedel, a German pharmacist. Together they developed pharmaceutical products using a concept that has formed Weleda's product philosophy to this day – medicine should provide crucial stimulus for the body's own healing powers. The revolutionary idea pre-empted what complementary medical research proves today: healing can indeed be brought about by holistically formulated products using natural ingredients from plant minerals that stimulate the body to heal itself. 

Weleda’s organic skin care was introduced later to compliment the healing process of patients, who were suffering from the side effects of their illnesses. Products such as the iconic Skin Food was formulated in 1926 as a whole body moisturiser for skin that needs extra nourishment and to this day is one of Weleda’s most popular and versatile products. 

The company name Weleda was (adapted from the Germanic priestess of healing Veleda) was chosen by Rudolf Steiner himself. He could have chosen any name, including perhaps his own, but he found an inspiring story which encouraged him to bless his new-born company with an ancient connection. Steiner also personally designed the Weleda logo, which is still used today. It shows a stylised staff and Aesculapian snake – symbolically and mythologically linked with healing. A giving and a receiving symbol is drawn around the staff, symbolising the medical and the social approach of Weleda. 

It’s that understanding of our own natural healing abilities by using what nature provides, that makes Weleda more relevant today than ever. From plant roots, leaves and blossoms to potent minerals straight from the earth to the sun, the moon, the planets and the stars that bring light and rhythm to all life – Weleda consistently links beauty, health and nature. 

The brand grows their own plant ingredients where possible and works with farming co-operatives globally to create long-term sustainable partnerships. Certified with the internationally recognised standard of the UEBT ‘Sourcing with Respect’, Weleda assures customers that, when sourcing raw materials, biodiversity is conserved and sourced sustainably, and that all partners along the supply chain are treated equitably and paid fairly. 

In Australia, Weleda is working hard to raise awareness for biodiversity via their Bee B&B Hotel initiative. Since 2016 Weleda has gifted over 500 insect hotel and teaching curriculum kits to primary schools in Australia in an effort to raise awareness of the importance of our native pollinators and biodiversity. An estimated 110,000 students have been part of the program and Weleda is looking to increase this number significantly over the next year.

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