The new BFF to all breastfeeding mamas!

February 17, 2020

The new BFF to all breastfeeding mamas!

You have been expecting your little bundle of joy for 9 months and envisioned breastfeeding your baby as part of this ultimate bonding time. And we couldn’t agree more - what a wonderful thing to be able to feed and nourish your little one.

Today 2 out of 3 newborns are breastfed, signalizing a move back to natural methods!

However breastfeeding doesn’t always come with that total picture-perfect scenario and this new learning process for both bub and yourself can come with pain and sore or cracked nipples. Be reassured, there are plenty of tips and tricks and today we are sharing one of them: using a nursing balm!

Mustela Nursing balm for breastfeeding             
Mustela Nursing balm for breastfeeding

What to look for when choosing a nipple cream?

  • Opt for an alcohol-free, preservatives-free and product with a minimalist ingredients list, as anything you put near your child mouth needs to be the safest possible.
  • We would recommend going for a fragrance-free cream, as the baby will naturally search for the smell of milk so you don’t want to mask this precious aroma!
  • Try using it religiously after each feed so the product is mostly absorbed by the time of the next meal.
  • Using nursing pads will avoid staining your bra and might bring extra comfort.

What are the benefits?

  1. A nipple cream will act as a protective shield forming a moisturizing film on the skin to avoid any irritations and minor cracking 
  2. It will help soothe sensations of discomfort 
  3. It helps repair damaged skin and prevent any further cracking 

Our pick: Mustela Nursing balm!

Mustela Nursing comfort balm

These are the reasons why we love the new Mustela comfort balm:

  • A certified organic balm:  with 100% of ingredients from natural origin and 93% of organic ingredients, the new Mustela Nursing Balm is also Vegan so it doesn’t contain any ingredients of animal origin.
  • A minimalist formula of just 7 naturally derived ingredients chosen for their effectiveness:  it contains pure Organic Olive Oil rich in omega 6 and 9 known for its nourishing properties but also Glycerin from natural origin to moisturise and protect the skin as well as Vitamin E for its antioxidant power.
  • A rich and melting texture:  the no-rinse formula makes it enjoyable and easy to use. Thanks to the sucrose laurate and sucrose stearate from natural origin, those two emulsifiers provide a melting texture when applied.
  • Fragrance-free:  the neutral smell makes sure your baby won’t be disturbed during nursing.
  • And probably the best reason: it simply works! It provides soothing sensations while nursing but also reduces pain and nipples cracks going forward.

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