Why Biafine is the Number 1 Sunburn Solution in France!

January 21, 2020

Why Biafine is the Number 1  Sunburn Solution in France!

If you grew up in France, surely you would be very familiar with this medical looking white tube… and you would have to quietly confess that it has saved you numerous times from a nasty sunburn. You would remember your mum spreading the white emulsion all over your body while smelling this iconic smell….

 5 sold every minute in France!  

But for all the Aussies out there that grew up using Aloe Vera, we have put a list of its benefits that explain its success story

A Family Discovery...

The story behind Biafine is a family story! 

In 1971 a French Chemist created Biafine to treat the burns of his daughter in law. Impressed by the incredible results, the product was submitted to market approval and launched 5 years later. The formula remained unchanged 40 years later!

A real bandaid for any burn

Today it is used by millions of users to treat superficial burns (1st and 2nd degree) or for chemotherapy patients to alleviate side effects of radiotherapy without the need to request a medical script. Available in all pharmacies, it is recognised as a SOS product and used by the whole family. 

A deep repair thanks to its unique composition

The combination of Paraffin, Avocado oil and Tromaline helps protect the skin like a glove while bringing moisture deep into the dermis to help heal the skin quicker.

An iconic scent!

We wish we could reveal what’s behind that iconic fragrance but to that day the recipe has remained top secret!

How to use it!?

1. Cleanse the sunburnt area

2. Apply Biafine in a thick layer, until the skin is saturated, massage lightly.

3. Repeat the application 2 to 4 times a day.

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