The Ultimate Guide for Packing your Holiday Beauty Bag

What skincare and makeup should you bring to your holidays. These are the essential beauty products to bring to each different type of trip, so you will never be left with a a horrid sunburn or chapped lips.
The Ultimate Guide for Packing your Holiday Beauty Bag - French Beauty Co.

So you booked yourself a holiday and getting the tingles of excitement as you countdown to your next oasis. Then it’s two weeks before you leave and it’s starting to feel real! You plan what to wear for your shots on the gram and shop all the cool latest pieces. Now you’ve reach the day before the big day and you’re rummaging through your beauty stash, compiling all your beauty necessity, and crossing your fingers that you didn’t forget anything. ie: that toothbrush you forgot to pack after using it in the morning...     

We’re here to help and compiled a list of what to pack depending on the type of holiday you’re taking. Let's start with some friendly packing tips.

TIP 1: It makes it easier to pack if you start from the order of how you apply your skincare routine and makeup. Assign categories – skincare, makeup, shower. 

TIP 2: It’s helpful to get mini versions of your favourite product. If your skin is sensitive to products, don’t risk bringing samples of serums or cream just in case you risk a reaction and you can’t get that nice al-naturel shot in the pool. 

TIP 3: To prevent powder makeup from shattering, put a cotton pad inside the powder compact and close. This will add some cushioning between the product to avoid shattering when there is trauma ie: when you smack the bag against the baggage carousel.

With these tips, let’s start packing!



The Long Weekend

Taken Friday off to zip over to your neighbouring city?

You want to pack light, and you can forgo all those little luxury items like the hair treatments or beauty mist because a few days without them is not a big deal anyway.

Face Essentials

Cleanser - Our favourite is a micellar water. Bioderma Sensibio H2O cleanses all the makeup off and what’s even better, it contains skin conditioning humectants so if you leave it on, you have all the goodness of a toned, hydrated and soothed skin. Cleanser and toner in 1? Hell yea!

Serum - Pack your favourite serum to double up as your moisturiser so you don’t need to bring a separate moisturiser. We enjoy the Caudalie Vinoperfect Serum. A great all-rounder serum to brighten the complexion, reduce dark spots and moisturise the skin. 

Sunscreen - Get a BB Cream. It’s a primer, sunscreen, moisturiser and a tint all in one! Our favourite is the Bioderma Sensibio AR BB Cream. It has SPF 30+ and it even out the texture of the skin, and gives a light coverage!

Dry Oil - This is your ultimate multi-tasker. Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Dry Oil contains precious natural oils to hydrate the face, body and hair!


Body Essential

Do you even need to pack? It's in the hotel room already. Or if you are a little picky, find a travel-friendly size of your body wash, shampoo and conditioner.

BIODERMA Sensibio AR BB Cream, BB cream, renews, sooth, cover, coverage, skin, face, rosacea, 30 SPF, sunscreen, tint,



The Tropical Holiday

Escaping somewhere warm to take your mind off the clock?

Pack the face essentials we mentioned above and while your dozing under your cabana, throw you hair up in the Nuxe oil and let your warm locks soak in the goodness.

Pack the Face Essentials plus these extras

Cooling Mist – Too much time spent outdoors in the heat? Our favourite Uriage Thermal Water Spray is made up of minerals and trace elements to moisturise, soothe irritation and sunburns and offer a seriously refreshing mist on the skin. Best of all it can also be used on the face as a toner or finishing mist! 


Pack the BODY ESSENTIALS plus these extras

Body Wash & Shampoo – Still feeling tacky from your sunblock even after a shower? Nuxe After Sun Shower Gel removes sunscreen, salt, chlorine and sand from the body and hair.

Sunburn Care -  Ok unless you’re the mother Theresa of sunscreen application, a lot of people have been burnt once on holiday. 2 WORDS. SUNBURN CREAM. We recommend the Biafine Emulsion, it has a light texture that helps soothes all types of burns, including sunburns. Originally developed to heal radiation therapy

URIAGE Thermal Water Spray, thermal, mist, rich, mineral, soothe, protect, skin, face, body



The Snow / Ski Holiday

If sliding down the slopes is your kind of holiday. Make sure to replenish moisture in the skin with some extra creams. Keep the basic face essentials but we recommend to switch to hydrating formulas for your serum and creams.


Pack the Face Essentials plus these extras

Hydrating serum – Get a really good hydrating serum like the Avene Hydrance Boost Serum which gives up to 24 hours of hydration! 

Face Cream or Mask – Get an overnight mask that can be used in place of a moisturiser. Uriage Eau Thermale Night Mask is filled with hyaluronic acid and Uriage Thermal Water to hydrate and plump the skin. Apply a thin layer as an overnight mask/night cream.

SOS Care - Have you heard of the miracle Homeoplasmine? It’s an ointment that you can use it on cuts, dry patches, cracks and to moisturise the lips! It's perfect for the winter season if the side of your nose is feeling chapped. This thick ointment works to restore and calm the skin. A true winter hero!


Pack the Body Essentials plus these extras

Intensive hydrating body and hair treatment – A thick layer of Cattier 100% Organic Organic Shea Butter on the elbows, knees and shins the areas that lack sebaceous glands and could use some extra care during this chilly season. The 100% organic shea butter is super rich and thick that will keep your body from feeling itchy and dry. It also has anti-inflammatory and healing properties to help combat the windburn. 

The Special Occasion / Wedding Holiday

Attending a special overseas event?

Switch out some products and opt for products that will enhance the glow in the skin. 


Pack the Face Essentials plus these extras

Detox mask - Maybe a couple more wine than usual can occur during this festive season! Give your skin a detox the night before the big day with Caudalie Vinergetic C+ Detox Mask to draw out toxins from clogged pores and leave it immediately radiant! 

Toner -  Not a necessity but good to have to boost the radiance of the skin. We love Bioderma Hydrabio Essence Lotion, it immediately leaves the skin glowing! Plus it's not sticky! 

Face cream & Primer  –  The cream the stole the hearts of makeup artist - Embroylisse Lait Crème Concentre. It’s loved for a reason, it gives the skin an ethereal glow and allows the foundation to melt into the skin effortlessly. Plus you can use it as a day and night cream!

Makeup Glowing Mist – Set your masterpiece with another makeup artist favourite - Caudalie Beauty Elixir. A light mist will draw all your base layers into one, melting any powder streaks, and giving a healthy youthful glow. 

Pimple treatment – A girl’s worst nightmare is a pimple on a special day. Zap it away with Etat Pur Salicylic 2%, This is a true SOS treatment for pimples thanks to its high concentration in salicylic acid.


Pack the Body Essentials plus these extras

Fake tan –  Pack the Nuxe Silky Self Tanning Lotion to add a touch of warmth to your skin. It's particularly helpful when you are coming from a cold climate and looking embarrassingly pasty to wear your dress.  

Hair Mask – With so much socialising planned for this holiday you want to look tip-top.  Get your locks to bounce and glimmer in the sun with a conditioning hair treatment. Choose a Christophe Robin Shade Variation Mask if you have coloured hair to enhance the colour or for that salon-like shone and smoothness try the Regenerating Mask with Prickly Pear Oil.

CAUDALIE, clay, Vinergetic C+, Detox, Mask BIODERMA, Hydrabio, Essence, Lotion,
EMBRYOLISSE, Lait-Creme Concentre, Multi-purpose, Moisturiser
CAUDALIE, Beauty, Elixir Radiant, Mist, smooth, fine lines
Etat Pur Salicylic 2%, acne, pimple, blemish, face,
self tan, nuxe, lotion, body
Christophe Robin Shade Variation, Mask, color protect,
CHRISTOPHE ROBIN Regenerating Mask with Prickly Pear Oil, oil, hair, mask, prickly pear,

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