The ultimate guide for post summer lovin’

As we move closer to the cooler months and spend more time nesting at home, it comes a perfect time to repair the summer damage on our skin. 
The ultimate guide for post summer lovin’ - French Beauty Co.

Oh Summer you have been so great!! Your extended sun lit days will be missed and the BBQs and beach dates will be swapped out for cozy cuddles with the cat. As we move closer to the cooler months and spend more time nesting at home, it comes a perfect time to repair the summer damage on our skin. If you ever thought “Why do those girls look like a sun bronzed goddess and I look like a dry, shrivelled pickle? Then we have some advice for you.. Take out your mists and serums, because we have some skin exercise to do!

Sun spots and Pigmentation

Sun spots

There are different reasons why we develop pigmentation, from lifestyle factors; smoking, to environmental factor; UV exposure. But Summer is a serial contender for bringing out the freckles and sun spots due to the melanin production from the increase exposure to the sun. And it’s important to act quickly as skin cells have a memory, so the longer they are there without you doing anything, the longer it may take for them to go away. Try the Caudalie Vinoperfect Radiance Serum enriched with their exclusive antioxidant “Viniferin” which is clinically proven to be 62 times more effective than Vitamin C! To enhance the anti-dark spot effectiveness, the Vinoperfect Concentrate Essence contains glycolic acid to eliminate dead skin cells and therefore used under the serum can deliver powerful results.

Dehydrated fine line


Tanning at the beach, salt, chlorine, air-conditioned work space, oil free makeup, alcohol. These are snippets of Summer which can take a toll on the skin. You might not feel thirsty, but your skin is sure is! The Hydrabio range contains Bioderma’s exclusive Aquagenium patent to retrain the skin to rehydrate itself again. Saturate the skin with a light shot of hydration with Bioderma’s Hydrabio Toner, it feels pleasant and light on the skin and instantly gives a light dew and glow to the complexion. Follow with Hydrabio Serum containing niacinamide and hyaluronic acid to intensively repair and plump the skin, smoothing out dehydrated fine lines and restoring softness and suppleness in the skin. For on the go, Uriage’s contains trace mineral to soothe and lightly moisturise the skin after a long day out in the sun or an air-conditioned induced dryness. Carry it in the bag or leave at the desk as a quick refresher!

Sun blisters and cracked heels

Sun blisters

We can all agree that sunburns are unpleasant. No matter how many times you’ve been burnt, it never gets better. For sun blisters place Uriage’s Bariederm Insulating Repair Cream across the affected area of the face or body. This cream has been especially formulated for weakened and damaged skin and helps to insulate the surface to prevent further moisture lost and restores the damage epidermis. And if you have spent long hours of the blistering hot sand, and feet are chapped and cracked, slather a thick layer onto the cracks, put on a sock and head to bed!

Summer Burnt Hair

Summer Burnt Hair

During Summer the hair is more exposed to the sun, the beach and pools. Team it up with your usual hot styling routine can result in dull, dry hair, prone to breakage. For a restorative treatment, apply Christophe Robin’s Moisturising Hair Oil with Lavender to the lengths of the hair and wait an hour before rinsing. It provides the necessary nourishment to repair and restore the hair elasticity and protect the colour shine. Use it as a day-to-day product by evenly distributing it on the ends of the hair before styling, protecting the hair from UV damage and breakage thanks to its SPF content.  

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