Timeless beauty, modern vision: new branding for Embryolisse

Embryolisse unveils their new branding that captures the essence of beauty while embracing modern skincare innovation.
Timeless beauty, modern vision: new branding for Embryolisse - French Beauty Co.

For over 70 years, Embryolisse has embodied French beauty - simple, elegant, and natural. Their skincare caters to all skin types, focusing on both efficacy and tolerance. Their journey began with their very first product, the Lait-Crème Concentré. Today, Embryolisse boasts an extensive lineup, including products like the Floral Essence Toner and Lait-Crème Fluide, ensuring there are options for everyone.

The key to its success? Embryolisse is an expert in creating multitasking skincare with short, powerful formulas that provide what skin needs: hydration, nutrition, and protection. The brand develops effective and healthy formulas with care in ingredient selection. When you opt for Embryolisse, you’re choosing top-notch skincare quality. 


Beauty should always be simple!

In 2023, Embryolisse reaffirms its conviction by opening a new chapter: an updated identity. Its ambition remains the same: to ensure that all users have easy access to a natural and more environmentally friendly skincare routine. This vision of conscious beauty, established when the laboratory was first founded, is now more relevant than ever. In line with its updated identity, French Beauty Co will be introducing the new packaging in a phased approach, alongside the previous branding.


At Embryolisse, the best comes from the essential

Expert by nature, the brand perfectly embodies that certain ultra-desirable “je ne sais quoi” that sets them apart from others.

Like the eternally fashionable garment spontaneously chosen from your wardrobe, Embryolisse is the “little blue dress” of the French dermo-cosmetic industry, as essential as it is timeless. The laboratory develops comforting skincare that inspires confidence and loyalty, for oneself as well as for loved ones. This is how certain essentials are passed down from generation to generation, at any moment in life, or exchanged behind the scenes. The brand is a true success story.

Let your skin do the talking!

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