Unleash the power of rose

Nuxe launched an innovative facial cleansers range all formulated with Rose Floral Water, vegan friendly and made of 100% botanical ingredients origin.
Unleash the power of rose - French Beauty Co.

French skincare brand Nuxe shows us once again “la vie en rose” (= life in rosy hues) with its brand new Very Rose range, an innovative line of facial cleansers all formulated with Rose Floral Water (Rose Damascena) obtained through the steam distillation of whole roses!!


Pink Perfection

Natural, feminine, sensorial, experimental and efficient are some of the words used by Nuxe to describe the new cleansing line vegan-friendly and with 100% botanical ingredients origin. 

The approach of the range “naturally beautiful bare skin” focuses on achieving fresh glowing skin free from impurities while offering pleasurable textures (creamy foam, refreshing mist, gel mask…) and incomparable fragrance. Indeed perfume here plays a major role in the experience since the line has been developed in collaboration with a specialized fragrance firm giving birth to a floral scent quenched with water and freshness.


A sensorial experience

Very Rose Light Cleansing Foam

Nuxe, very, rose, light, cleansing, foam,

This melting creamy foam with a sweet rose scent envelops the skin in a bubble of softness, gently cleanses and removes the skin from impurities without drying the skin. Skin is left soothed and purified.


Very Rose Cleansing Gel-Mask

Nuxe, very, rose, gel, cleansing, mask,

This ultra-fresh translucent gel-mask with a delicate rose scent deeply cleanses the face. Its natural-origin cleansing agents (derived from coconut, corn, etc.) effectively removes impurities and pollution particles. Our tips: leave it on for 1 minute, massage and rinse off. Ideal under the shower.


Very Rose Soothing Micellar Water - normal skin

Nuxe, very, rose, Soothing, Micellar, water,

The Very Rose micellar water gently removes make-up from face and eyes and impurities from the skin while respecting its balance. Its Rose Floral Water is recognised for its soothing and softening properties. Skin is left feeling fresh and soft.


Very Rose Hydrating Micellar Water Nuxe, very, rose, hydrating, Micellar, water,

Especially developed for the drier complexion, this Very Rose Hydrating micellar water gently removes make-up and impurities while moisturising sugars hydrate and strengthen the skin’s protective barrier making it more comfortable overtime.


Very Rose Toning Mist

Nuxe, very, rose, Toning, mist, rose mist,

This moisturising spray with a delicate rose scent is a quick and easy 2-in-1 step to perfect make-up removal at the end of your routine but also to refresh the skin while respecting its balance. Its formula enriched with Rose Floral Water and Allantoin provides an immediate and strong sensation of soothing.

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