Unlock all the secrets of French Fragrance

French fragrances are celebrated for their dynamic evolution of scent, featuring a spectrum of notes from top to base that create a truly captivating and ever-changing olfactory experience.

Unlock all the secrets of French Fragrance - French Beauty Co.

Have you ever wondered why a perfume is like a symphony, revealing different facets as it unfolds on your skin? The secret lies in the artful arrangement of base, middle, and top notes, each playing a distinctive role in composing a harmonious fragrance symphony. Join us on a fragrant journey as we delve into the intriguing layers of perfumery and explore why these notes are the essence of a captivating scent.

The different types of notes


Top Notes:

Top notes are the initial, fleeting impressions you experience upon applying a perfume. They are the first to be perceived, creating the immediate impact and setting the tone for the fragrance. Typically composed of lighter and more volatile molecules, top notes are quick to evaporate. This is why they are noticed right away but fade relatively quickly. Examples: Citrus, fruity, and herbal scents often serve as top notes, providing a refreshing and invigorating start to the fragrance.


Middle Notes (Heart Notes):

Once the top notes dissipate, the middle notes emerge. They form the heart of the fragrance, contributing to its overall character and bridging the gap between the initial impression and the more enduring base notes. Middle notes are more stable than top notes and last longer on the skin. They help maintain the fragrance's presence over time. Examples: Floral, spicy, and green notes are commonly found in the middle layer, adding depth and complexity to the perfume.


Base Notes:

Base notes serve as the foundation of the fragrance, providing depth, richness, and longevity. They become more noticeable as the top and middle notes fade away, creating the lasting impression of the perfume. Base notes often consist of heavier, more persistent molecules that adhere to the skin, ensuring the scent endures for an extended period. Examples: Woods, musk, vanilla, and various resins are typical base note elements, contributing warmth and substance to the perfume.


Find your perfect scent:



Bon Parfumeur Eau de Parfum 601 Woody: Vetiver, Cedar and Bergamot 30ml

Bon Parfumeur 601


If you are looking for a fresh and timeless scent, you will fall in love with this one. 

With the initial spritz, this enchanting fragrance unveils a burst of effervescent joy. Imagine the invigorating sparkle of Bergamot, reminiscent of floral Earl Grey tea, dancing alongside the peppery allure of Pink Pepper with fruity hints of mango. The zesty kick of Grapefruit adds a refreshing twist, creating an immediate and vibrant impression.

As minutes pass, the heart notes emerge, weaving a tale of intrigue. Experience the spicy warmth of Pepper, accompanied by the cool, green nuances of Violet Leaf, evoking the freshness of untouched undergrowth. The earthy, woody embrace of Cypriol adds mystery and sophistication, creating a lasting bouquet that evolves over several hours. 

Completing the journey, the base notes ground the fragrance in a rich, enduring symphony. Picture the woody, earthy allure of Vetiver, subtly nutty like a serene forest floor. The dry, pencil-like quality of Cedar adds a sophisticated dryness, while the creamy, woody embrace of Sandalwood lingers, leaving an unforgettable and comforting signature that can persist for several days.



Obvious Une Fleur d'Oranger 100ml

Obvious perfume


If you are looking for a subtle fragrance that effortlessly blends innocence with sensuality, with a floral touch, this is the one for you.

In the opening act, experience the lively dance of Mandora, Sweet Orange, Bergamot, and Bitter Orange. This vibrant ensemble creates an immediate burst of freshness, like a breath of citrus-infused air on a sunlit morning.

As the fragrance evolves, the heart notes of Neroli and Petitgrain take centre stage. Delicate and harmonious, they weave a tale of subtle complexity, capturing the essence of pure emotions.

The journey concludes with the warm embrace of Orange Blossom and the spicy allure of Ginger. These base notes anchor the fragrance, leaving a lingering trail that embodies both innocence and sensuality.



Juliette Has A Gun Lust For Sun 100ml

Juliet has a gun - lust for sun perfume


If you're in search of the ideal summer fragrance to infuse your summer style with a hint of spice and subtlety, look no further – this is the one you've been seeking.

Upon your first encounter, be embraced by the fresh, floral dance of Freesia, the tropical allure of Coconut, and the bright zest of Bergamot. Imagine a burst of sunshine, a harmonious greeting that captivates your senses from the start.

As time unfolds, the heart notes reveal themselves like a blossoming garden. Experience the enchantment of Ylang-Ylang, the exotic whispers of Monoi, the delicate essence of Orange Blossom, and the timeless elegance of Gardenia. This intricate blend weaves a tapestry of floral richness that lingers, creating an aura of pure sophistication.

The journey concludes with the grounding embrace of the base notes. Picture the warm, sweet caress of Vanilla, the modern and alluring touch of Ambroxan, and the soft, lingering Musks. Together, they form a comforting and lasting signature, leaving an impression that is both memorable and timeless.



Caudalie Thé Des Vignes Fresh Fragrance 100ml

Caudalie the des Fragrance


If you are Looking for a lighter body mist while the weather is still warm you may like this fragrant water.

Indulge in an irresistible fragrance that captures the essence of a serene evening just before dusk. With subtle notes of white musk, neroli, and ginger, infused delicately with orange blossom and jasmine, this scent offers a captivating allure without the drama. Picture the sun's gentle rays touching the vines, enveloping you in a soft musky embrace.



Mustela Musti Eau de Soin Perfume 50ml

Mustela baby perfume


In search of a fragrance for your children? Mustela offers a fresh and gentle scent, bringing comfort to both you and your little ones.

Delight in the sweet, fresh scent of Musti Eau De Soin, an aromatic perfume crafted with subtle citrus notes complemented by traces of Rose, Lilac, and Amber. Specifically formulated for delicate skin, it features soothing Chamomile and Honey extracts to keep your little one's skin soft and tender. Embrace the joy of keeping your children irresistibly fragrant with every spritz.

The fragrances we've explored, from woody to floral, warm to glamorous, are not just scents; they are experiences, memories in the making, and expressions of individuality. May you find the perfect scent that resonates with your story and enhances the moments you cherish. Happy exploring and discovering your own olfactory symphony!

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