Unveiling the charms of Senteurs de France

Discover the allure of Senteurs de France: where beauty and history come together to create something beautiful.

Unveiling the charms of Senteurs de France - French Beauty Co.

Welcome to the world of Senteurs de France, where beauty and history intertwine to create something truly enchanting. Prepare to discover an array of elegant products that capture the essence of forgotten paths, peaceful countrysides, and the charm of French castles.

Senteurs de France was born from a deep love for all things French. Back in 2015, Anne-Laure, Paula, and Amandine unveiled three Marseille soap boxes at a trade show, and the response was incredible. Since then, the company has grown into what it is today.


Each product from Senteurs de France is a masterpiece crafted by skilled artisans in France. It's a blend of history and modern sensibilities, embodying the elegance of Versailles, the romance of Montmartre, and the simplicity of Provence.

Their shea butters take you on a fragrant journey inspired by Anne-Laure's childhood memories. And with their soap range, nature's beauty comes alive through different captivating scents.

More than just pretty products, Senteurs de France is a fusion of timeless traditions and contemporary style. It's an invitation to savour poetic moments and wander down paths that lead to cherished memories.

Step into the world of Senteurs de France and embrace the beauty and stories it holds. Each product carries a piece of French essence – from captivating fragrances to luxurious textures – all whispering, "Experience the heart and soul of France!"

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