Vitamin C….. the skincare hero!

We sat down with the highly regarded Ricky Allen, Cos Beauty Editor and clinical nurse, to delve into her expertise on Vitamin C. 
Vitamin C….. the skincare hero! - French Beauty Co.

We sat down with the highly regarded Ricky Allen, Cos Beauty Editor and clinical nurse, to delve into her expertise on Vitamin C. Read on as she shares valuable insights and knowledge on this hero ingredient.


Vitamin C in skincare products has been around for a while, therefore people tend to believe it is an out-of-date ingredient. That is a mistake because there is still no other ingredient which is able to perform the work of vitamin C, simply a skincare hero.

Vitamin C is a necessary ingredient taken internally for good body functions and when used topically it delivers benefits that address many skin functions as well. Unfortunately, just taking vitamin c does not have much of an effect on the skin!

 It is an excellent antioxidant, an ingredient that helps to fight free radicals which cause continuing damage to the skin and its skin cells. Free radicals are unstable chemicals which damage the skin cells themselves and are produced from air pollution, the sun, through to poor lifestyle activities such as smoking. Unless we use antioxidants on our skin, free radicals will alter the skin cell membrane and its renewal process as well as affecting other structures including proteins and lipids and alter mitochondrial DNA.

Antioxidants also have anti-inflammatory benefits. If you have red, easily irritated skin then vitamin C in your skincare is a must. As we age our collagen levels in our skin deplete so using a skincare product containing Vitamin C helps to stimulate the activity of the collagen and the elastin which flows through the collagen fibres by a process called collagen synthesis. Increased skin hydration also follows from this process. Using a product containing vitamin C every day will lead to a firmer, less wrinkled skin.

Consistent use is important, so make sure the product is used at least once daily, in the morning. If your skin is very compromised then you can use it twice a day. When it comes as a serum then apply first before any moisturisers or sunscreen and wait until each layer has been absorbed before applying the next product.

One of the lesser-known benefits of vitamin C is its ability to inhibit the over production of melanin as well as making the sunblock you are wearing more effective.  It also helps fade the pigmented skin and any brown spots, at the same time making it naturally more glowing and less dull. Certain people are prone to pigmentation, especially Asians and middle Europeans, for them a vitamin C containing skincare product daily is essential.

Sometimes people say their vitamin C skincare product starts to change colour and look brown after they have started to use it. That browning occurs when the product has started to oxidise making it lose its efficacy. The newer vitamin C skincare has been developed using the latest technology which has added stabilisers. These stabilisers stop the oxidation process from occurring.


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