What Are The Benefits Of Hand Creams?

Did you know that hand creams do more than simple skincare? Learn more about its benefits!

What Are The Benefits Of Hand Creams? - French Beauty Co.


Many women love skincare products. However, most of the work goes to the face and body. It misses one important aspect of the skin: your hands. Skincare doesn’t always end at one specific body part. Our hands carry the same type of skin, and it is an indicator of how well we take care of our skin. 

Remember, taking care of your hands is as important as your skincare routine. When taken seriously, it can bring more benefits in the long run. Furthermore, it should bring the same effort as how you treat your skin — the more frequent the routine, the better the results. This is why hand creams exist. They provide an extra layer of protection. 

Some of these perks may sound familiar: youthful skin, reduced redness, and more. There's no turning back once you include hands cream in your routine. Here’s why you should use hand creams today!  

Five Benefits Of Hand Creams

Hand creams are a special formulation made to nourish the skin. This is because our hands are one of the most used parts of the body. We wash, write, grab, or carry anything with our hands. 

However, the skin in our hands differs from the rest of the body. One side of the hand’s skin is thinner than the other. 

With this in mind, it is best to find specialised hand creams. One great recommendation is the  L'Occitane hand cream, which contains shea butter, which aids the hand’s skin in dryness. Furthermore, it softens the hands to give them a more youthful look. 

For the best results, use hand creams twice daily. Apply a generous amount but not too much around the skin. Massage both hands, including the front, back, nails, and cuticles. 

Once you get used to the hand cream, you can use it as part of your routine. Certainly, it can be a great habit to take care of yourself. The five benefits of hand creams include the following:


1. Heals dry and cracked skin

Dry and cracked skin is due to constant washing and loss of moisture. Having a hand cream brings back moisture. It provides a richer consistency that will replenish the skin.  


2. Repair damaged skin

Some hand creams have great formulas that contain moisture-binding ingredients such as Kokum Butter, Honey, Aloe Vera, Coconut oil, Apricot oil, etc. By using hand creams with these rich ingredients, the skin on your hands can heal better. Therefore, you should use hand creams like Avene Cicalfate. This contains cica, which is a skin-healing ingredient. 


3. Takes care of nails 

One fact about hand creams is they can improve nail health. You can also apply your hand cream to your cuticles, especially if you want extra care. Some of us might have nails that grow poorly because of calcium deficiency or poor vitamins. By using a hand cream, it enhances growth and ensures healthy nails. Mavala hand creams are best in this function.

4. Makes skin smooth

Who doesn’t like smooth skin? When your hands have smooth skin, they become soft to the touch, making you feel great. Hand creams also have a standard formulation that makes your hands smooth with consistent use. 


5. Skin hydration

Hands need moisture. This is also why hand creams also have a moisturiser-like benefit.  Keeping your hands moisturised also helps improve visible signs of premature ageing in your hands.

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