January 25, 2019


It’s no secret that everyone is chasing perfectly smooth and glowing skin. You can spend hundreds of dollars and countless hours perfecting your skin with the aid of facials and skin devices. But one naughty night of too many glasses of pinot and some Chinese takeaway can leave your skin looking more like a pizza face than fairest of them all. You may have encountered a product called BB Cream, or what some people call “no I’m not wearing makeup”. If we could sum up this product, we would say it’s like a sheer stocking for your face. It smooths out minor flaws in the skin like texture and pores, and gives your skin some colour and LIFE! It’s no wonder that BB creams have become the biggest beauty hit on the counters and now have expanded to many more alphabets – EE Cream!  

Let’s hit the rewind button and understand the origins of BB Cream, and most importantly, what the hell are CC Creams?

BB Blemish Balm

Originated in Germany, the phenomenon of BB Creams was made possible thanks to Korea during the boom of plastic surgery. Marketed as miracle cream for post procedure as an alternative to foundation. It was the perfect harmony of skin treatment, sunscreen and foundation in one! Unlike a mineral powder, BB cream is more gentle on extremely sensitive skin, and contains often ceramides and skin loving ingredients to rejuvenate and repair the skin! The difference in BB and CC Cream are not too distinct. They both offer some form of skincare (brightening, or anti-aging), SPF factor and coverage.

BB Cream – short for Blemish Balm is the first generation of these “kinds” and its main objective is to rejuvenate and repair the skin whilst offering natural coverage at the same time. Not long after, CC Creams entered the market – short for Colour Corrector which focuses on the aesthetics of the skin, thus correcting the tone and covering imperfections. You may also find that CC Creams often offer a high coverage.

CC Cream Colour Corrector

The western market identified this holy grail of a product and started riding the wave. The reason why women found love in BB Creams is thanks to its minimalistic approach to self care. No primer, no brushes, no endless hours of colour matching.  The shade variation of BB Cream is much fewer than foundation, as it adapts to up to 4 tones of the shade of your skin.

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