What is Sensitive Skin & How to Manage it

Sensitive skin care is a practice much similar to yoga. It takes time to see what works for your skin, and refining the care to get the best results tailored to you. Our guide to manage it.
What is Sensitive Skin & How to Manage it - French Beauty Co.

Sensitive skin care is a practice much similar to yoga. It takes time to see what works for your skin, and refining the care to get the best results tailored to you. The term sensitive skin is used quite loosely as it can be defined by skin that is easily irritated. The “dermo” definition for sensitive skin is “skin that overreacts to external or internal stimuli, resulting in inflammation”. Stimuli can be physical, chemical, phychological or hormonal.


Who does it affect?

Sensitive skin can affect all ages and in different stages in life, but those with dry skin or fair skin are more prone. There are two different types of sensitive skin. The most common type is intolerant skin, whilst some may be affected by genetic skin conditions like Rosacea or Seborrheic Dermatitis who are prone to temporary or permanent reddening of the skin. You can spot skin sensitivity by looking at the reddening of the skin, and you may experience discomfort in the skin in the form of a prickling, stinging or an overheating sensation. 


How do we prevent or manage it?

Sensitive skin is due to having a low tolerance level from a weakened skin barrier. Allergens and irritants can penetrate more easily and ultimately cause inflammation in the skin. Therefore for long term results, we need to improve the skin barrier, increasing the skin tolerance to irritants. These irritants can come from lifestyle, environment, and external factors like pollution, sun exposure, indoor heating, makeup and smoking. Some advice would be to use a suitable sunscreen and avoid sun tanning and most importantly use skincare and makeup that do not contain known allergens such as artificial fragrances or active ingredients that can further weaken the skin barrier.

The Sensitive Skin Regime

If you have sensitive and intolerant skin, the Sensibio range is hypoallergenic and is specifically formulated for even the most sensitive skin to provide long term results, restoring the weakened skin barrier and thus improving the skin tolerance to everyday irritants.


Treating sensitive skin starts from proper cleansing to remove irritants from the skin. However harsh chemical found in common cleansers or even tap water can strip and weaken already-sensitive skin. The cult Sensibio H2O Micellar Water is clinically proven to remove 99% of makeup, 98% of pollution particles and 78% of heavy metals. The ultra gentle formula is not only extremely effective for removal but is fragrance and paraben free, pH balanced and hypoallergenic. It contains pharmaceutical grade water free from pollutants, in fact, the water is so pure, that it’s even used in injections! Studies have shown that pollutant particles are 20 times smaller than the pore, which can infiltrate the deeper layers on the epidermis causing not only sensitivity, but dehydration leading to premature aging. This rinse-free solution not only removes common irritants from the skin (makeup, and pollution) it also restores the hydrolipidic film of the skin! The skin is left cleansed and balanced, and feeling softer and soothed.



Sensibio H2O 
Micellar Water



The Toléridine™patent found in Bioderma’s Sensibio creams helps to biologically strengthen the skin barrier, improving its resistance to attacks and irritation. Its water-trapping properties allow the skin to feel moisturised for longer, and the anti inflammatory ingredients soothe the skin instantly. There are two types of formulations with the same action but in different textures to suit the individual’s skin type. For combination skin, Sensibio Light leaves the skin feeling moisturised without the heavy feeling. Sensibio Rich has a combination of emollients and humectants (Avocado Oil and Vaseline) which offers a more nourishing texture to help compensate the lack of moisturise in drier complexions. This combination makes the best moisturiser for dry or mature skin.

Sensibio Light 
Soothing Cream


Sensibio Rich
Soothing Cream



Sensibio Mask is a soothing and moisturising mask that will give an instant dose of skin soothing and anti inflammatory relief to reddened and sensitive skin. It contains the Toléridine™patent to biologically strengthen the skin barrier and increase the skin’s tolerance level.  It light weight formulation can be used in a thin layer as a daily moisturiser or left on during the night for that little extra care.



Sensibio Soothing


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