Which spring carnival woman are you?

More than just horses, spring racing carnival is the epitome of glamour meets elegance. We have low commitment to high commitment beauty tips to get you looking extra polished for the day.
Which spring carnival woman are you? - French Beauty Co.

More than just horses. Spring racing carnival is the epitome of glamour meets elegance. It invites a crowd of Australian celebrities, models and sports starts dressed exquisitely from head to toe.

Besides being among many superstars, there can be a number of reason why you will want to visit one of Melbourne’s most highly acclaimed betting and fashion event of the year. It can be a chance to get together with your #girlsquad and have a day out whilst trying your luck at the game. Whatever reason it is, we have low commitment to high commitment beauty tips to get you looking extra polished for the day.


The Minimalist.

“I just need enough to get me through entry”.

Jen Hawkins Bec Judd

If you are there because your friends dragged you into this and you thought - why not make a party out of it? Your go-to look for the day is ‘no stress, no fuss”. Your dress is flowy and comfortable, paired back with a simple nude or black kitten heel. Your hair is simply spritzed with some volumising spray brushed neatly back against your fascinator. Your makeup is simple but elegant, with multi-tasking products.

We recommend a tinted moisturiser like Bioderma’s Photoderm BB Cream which provides lightweight to medium coverage with a radiant finish. Best yet, it has SPF 50+ to keep your skin protected under the sun.

Add more warm to the complexion with a bronzer or a liquid bronzer like Nuxe’s Huile Prodigieuse Oil - Golden mixed into your foundation for a luminous finish. Dab a little more on the top of the cheekbones as if it was naturally kissed by the sun.

Finish your base off with a peachy-pink blush, we recommend the Caudalie French Kiss Tinted lip balm in Seduction which also acts as a cream blush. Add a couple of dabs on this lip balm on the cheeks and tap it on the lips to complete your look! Your naturally radiant sun goddess complexion is now complete.


The Doll.

“Make sure to take a cute pic of me for the ‘gram!”

Elyse Knowles Nikki Phillips

You love a reason to doll up, and already have a beauty routine that is specific for events. With spring carnival being one of the major themed fashion events of year, you want to be looking #snatched in every angle of your selfies. Preparation is vital for your beauty routine. You focus on getting your skin ready for the day so your makeup glides on effortlessly and perfectly.

We recommend to exfoliate once a week or daily with Garancia’s Pschitt Magique, a ultra-gentle micro-peeling treatment that melts away dead skin. It doesn’t contain any Glycolic acid or microbeads which makes it perfect for every type of skin including sensitive skin! Don’t forget to exfoliate the body too! Don’t hide a great sun-Whilst waiting for your hair mask to perform miracles in the shower, multi-task by using this time to give your body a good scrub concentrating on the areas around your elbows, ankles, needs and knuckles. We recommend the Nuxe Reve de Miel Body Scrub containing honey and sugar crystals to buff off the dead skin layers.

If a spray tan is out of your way, try an at-home version with Nuxe Sun Tanning Lotion, a gradual tanning lotion with tiny shimmer particles to enhance the golden sun-kissed glow. It dries within seconds and does not feel tacky whatsoever.

And lastly for selfies that look #snatched, mist the skin with Uriage Thermal Water Spray, to lightly refresh makeup and awaken the complexion. It comes in a portable 50ml which is a handbag must!

It’s 1am in the morning. Your head is feeling a little spinney, your feet are dying to be released from your shoes and the only place you want to be is tucked underneath your comfy bedsheets. But before you set off to dream land, take a few of these tips to avoid waking up to dull and parched skin.


Road to Recovery.
Three words. Cleanse, hydrate, treat.



Remove your makeup! We love to recommend the Bioderma Sensibio H2O Micellar Water because it’s non-rinse and is perfectly adapted to the skin, removing every trace of impurities without stripping the skin or causing any skin reactions! Best of all you can throw your cotton pads in the air and fall right asleep right away.



Minimise the hangover in the morning by chugging some Hydralite or Powerade before you sleep to restore your electrolytes in your system. Remember to hydrate your eyes too with 2-3 drops of moisturising eye drops.



Wearing makeup for an extended period of time in an outdoor setting can invite toxin and impurities to settle on the skin, dulling your natural radiance. Give your skin a detox with Caudalie Detox Mask to draw out toxins, clarify and renew radiance in the skin. If your skin is experiencing sensitivity and dryness, try an ultra-soothing mask like Bioderma’s Sensibio Mask which contains Allantoin to immediately soothe and calm overheating, dry and overworked skin.

And don’t forget the feet! Those poor feet have gone through a day in tight shoes. Put up your feet and apply some Cicabiafine Foot Cream to restore suppleness to cracked and chapped feet.

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