Winter organising: Decluttering and simplifying your space for a clearer mind

As winter sets in and we spend more time indoors, our living spaces become even more crucial to our well-being. A cluttered environment can lead to a cluttered mind, making it hard to relax and enjoy the season. Embracing winter organising not only helps create a serene and functional home but also promotes mental clarity and peace. Here’s how to declutter and simplify your space this winter for a clearer mind.
Winter organising: Decluttering and simplifying your space for a clearer mind - French Beauty Co.

Winter, a season characterised by introspection and the urge to streamline our surroundings, beckons us to embrace the art of decluttering. As the season's chill permeates our days, so too can the onset of winter blues. Yet fear not, for decluttering, ma cherie, offers a resplendent antidote to the lethargy that often accompanies this time of year. 

Here at French Beauty Co, we bid au revoir to mess, dust, and clutter in our spaces and embark on a journey of mental clarity!


Benefits of Decluttering and Organising Your Space


Clearer mind

Clutter can profoundly affect one’s mental well-being and self-confidence. It engenders disarray in one's physical environment and echoes the corresponding disarray within the mind. However, decluttering goes beyond mere organisation; it results in a mental rejuvenation that can give you control over your surroundings and, by extension, your life. 


Lower risk of asthma and allergies 

Decluttering has benefits not just for mental health but also for physical health! Clutter accumulates dust and piles of stuff, collecting allergens in the process. With decluttering, you clear the space and mitigate the presence of potential dust traps, thereby curbing the risk of allergen-induced harm. 


More harmonious relationships

In communal living environments, clutter often causes interpersonal discord and tension. When belongings accumulate or lie around, spaces become more cluttered and congested, negatively affecting the once-tranquil atmosphere and evoking resentment and frustration. Thus, managing and mitigating clutter becomes crucial to fostering better relationships within a communal residence. 


More space

An immediate advantage of decluttering is the expansion of available space. It may seem intuitive to seek more prominent organisers and possessions to accommodate clutter, yet the solution lies in the simplicity of requiring fewer belongings. Through decluttering, one discerns and preserves possessions that hold significant value and meaning.


Saves time

Decluttering also proves invaluable in time-saving endeavours, particularly when preparing for events or engagements. You will no longer need to sift through mountains of belongings. With a reduced array of possessions to arrange, packing is sped up, allowing ample opportunity to devote more time and attention to other endeavours.


How to Start Decluttering and Simplifying Your Space

  • Set goals. Clarify your objectives before embarking on decluttering. Establishing one or multiple goals will serve as a compass to steer your decluttering journey effectively.
  • Start small. To avoid feeling overwhelmed, tackle one area at a time. Start with a manageable and limited space, like a closet or room drawer. 
  • Declutter the items. Organise and sort the items you no longer need into three categories: what can be donated, discarded responsibly, and recycled or sold. Evaluate if you still need it or not.
  • Dispose of the items responsibly. The items that can be used but no longer bring you can be sold online or given away to a relative who may need it or donated to charity or a sale.
  • Maintain regularly. Integrate decluttering into your routine. Doing this can help prevent clutter from accumulating again in your space.


How To Simplify Your Space

  • Make a system. Make the most of your storage by accommodating the items you have left. Invest in organisers, shelves, desk baskets, and containers, and then assign specific areas for different activities or categories of items so that it becomes easier to find what you need. You can buy more multi-use items and utilise available space. Skincare and makeup require careful storage, particularly liquid products like Avene Sunscreen Emulsion SPF 50+.

  • Be mindful of your things. When buying new items, consider if they can add value to your life or if your space can accommodate them.

  • Celebrate and pamper yourself. Housework, in general, can be tiring. A pick-me-up amidst the endeavour or a culminating celebration upon completion is indispensable, as it commemorates the attainment of incremental victories. Celebrate your domestic win by getting yourself a piece from our Fragrance collection or one of our bestselling products, the Caudalie Beauty Elixir Radiant Mist! 
  • Regular maintenance. It is the key to simplifying your space. Reevaluate the state of your belongings from time to time. Purge the items you no longer need and use. This can also prevent clutter.


What is decluttering explained?

Decluttering removes things you no longer need and things that no longer make you happy. 


How do you use decluttering?

Decluttering can help you organise your home and inner life. We’ve provided tips above on decluttering and simplifying your space.


How can I start decluttering?

You can start decluttering by making a checklist of the things that need to go from your space and focusing on a specific area of your space. You can refer to the tips that we’ve provided above. 


Is decluttering a good thing?

Decluttering is good for mental and physical health. We’ve also listed these benefits in the section above!


As we bid farewells to clutter, we look to our inspiration: French beauty rituals, defined by intentionality and quality. By incorporating intentionality and mindfulness into our lives, we create spaces that nourish us physically and mentally with the help of French Beauty Co’s luxurious products. Embrace decluttering today as a triumph of mindful living!

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