Winter Skincare: Choosing the right Moisturiser

Winter has arrived! Today we're breaking down 3 Embryolisse Moisturisers to help you find your Winter Skincare saviour!
Winter Skincare: Choosing the right Moisturiser - French Beauty Co.

Winter has arrived in Australia with a vengeance! Figuring out Winter skincare can sometimes be challenging. You can often find the skincare products you were using during the warmer months are now too light. Leaving your skin feeling tight, dry, and in desperate need of some TLC! But don’t fret; we’re here to answer all your Winter Skincare questions and help you turn the potentially confusing task of choosing a new moisturiser into an effortless, easy one. So let’s get into it! 

But first, what happens to our skin during Winter? Humidity decreases, and we spend more time indoors, where the humidity is lowered by heating. This low-humidity results in the skin losing water quickly and feeling tight, dry, and dehydrated. The lack of sunshine means we tend to lose colour, which leaves our skin looking dull. 

So what can we do to prevent this? Thankfully the best solution is one of the easiest - change up your moisturiser to suit how your skin changes with the seasons. Opting for a formula richer in emollients and lipids is the perfect antidote to winter skin. This will soothe the skin’s natural barrier function and provide instant relief to dry dehydrated and flaky skin. We will break down three different Embryolisse moisturisers (plus an extra product we love in winter) to help you find your skin’s new BFF to soothe your Winter dryness. 


Lait-Crème ConcentréLait-Crème Concentré, Embryolisse, cream, moisturiser,

From its beginnings in 1950 to the international superstar that it has become today, it’s no secret that Embryolisse’s Lait-Creme Concentre has captured the world's attention. But what makes it so unique? The formula, of course!

Created by Dr Tricot, a Dermatologist from Paris, to repair and nourish the skin’s precious barrier, this unique cream is formulated with 95% natural ingredients. This simple, well-tolerated moisturiser has won millions of hearts due to its efficacious nature with carefully selected active ingredients of aloe vera, soy proteins, beeswax and shea butter.

Combining six essential products into one formula, this unique Winter skin saviour can be used as a make-up remover, primer, moisturiser, express-mask, after-sun soother, and after-shave by all skin types. In addition, its unique lipid-rich formulation means that it infuses your skin with precious nutrients to leave it feeling plump, restored and nourished throughout the colder months (Psst, it’s also available in a Sensitive version sans fragrance!)


Filaderme Emulsion

Embryolisse, cream, moisturiser, Filaderme Emulsion

If your skin naturally leans dry, you’ll love adding Embryolisse’s Filaderme Emulsion to your winter skincare routine. Famous for its ability to care for dry skin, Filaderme Emulsion combines natural, active ingredients to give skin all the essential nutrients it craves to keep dry skin at bay.

Filamderme Emulsion is particularly unique, as it also keeps skin at the optimal pH to prevent damage and protects skin against environmental aggressors like pollution and stress. As a result, skin is left feeling radiant and soft, and this comforting, lipid and emollient-rich formula provides the perfect remedy for dry, flaky skin. 

Filaderme Emulsion is formulated with shea butter and beeswax, which both deeply nourish while also creating a protective layer on the skin's surface. It also includes powerhouse skincare ingredient squalane (which is naturally present in your skin) to lock in further moisture and soothe dry patches. If you find that your skin is dry year-round, you can use Filaderme Emulsion year-round, but if dry, flaky patches only creep up on you when the mercury drops, then this is what we recommend you stock up on for the colder months. 


Cicalisse Restorative Skin Cream

Embryolisse, cream, moisturiser, Cicalisse

Do you regularly find yourself thinking, “SOS! SKIN EMERGENCY!”? Then you need Embryolisse Cicalisse Restorative Skin Cream in your beauty arsenal! 

Cicalisse immediately rushes to soothe stressed-out complexions, whether you’ve overused retinol or your skin is not coping with the dramatic weather changes. Powered by Acexamic Acid, which has been shown to accelerate skin’s healing processes, rapidly brings comfort and calm to inflamed or reactive skin. Cicalisse Restorative Cream also contains hyaluronic acid to plump skin and refill skin’s hydration reservoirs, keeping skin plump and dewy. Cicalisse Restorative Cream isn’t just for the face. It can also be used on the lips and the body as an emergency salve for any skin irritation. We love keeping it on hand to counteract itchiness and dry patches and heal superficial scrapes, stings, or post-wax irritation! 


Beauty Oil

Embryolisse, Body, oil,

If you want to add extra nourishment from head to toe, reach for the newest release from Embryolisse - the Beauty Oil

This decadent yet lightweight oil is formulated with a blend of four different oils - Shea, Lemon, Pomegranate and Apricot, to feed nourishment to skin and hair. Working in harmony to comfort and repair skin while leaving no trace that it was applied, instead just a subtle satin veil that leaves you cloaked with a sweet, floral fragrance. The best part? This oil is multi-functional! You can use it by itself, mix it with a moisturiser or foundation for extra glow and nourishment, and as a hair mask for dry, damaged ends. It truly is the magic bottle you’ve been waiting for to counteract your winter skin blues.

Now that you know precisely what moisturiser you need in your winter skincare routine go forward and glow!


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