Winter wellness: Self-Care practices for body and mind during the cold season

Winter’s chill can bring a host of challenges for both our physical and mental well-being. The shorter days and colder temperatures often leave us feeling sluggish and down. However, with the right self-care practices, you can turn the cold season into a time of rejuvenation and inner warmth. Here, we explore essential self-care routines to nurture your body and mind throughout winter.
Winter wellness: Self-Care practices for body and mind during the cold season - French Beauty Co.

The coming of winter brings cold weather and darkness that can imbue even the brightest of souls with lethargy, seasonal affective disorder (SAD), and increased stress. Fortunately, savoir-faire - the French art of knowing how to do things with grace and finesse - is here to help you manage your body and mind during winter. 

Mon Cherie, use these tips to navigate this cold season!  


The Art of Self-Care During Winter Season 

French beauty and culture have always been associated with timeless elegance, even during colder times. This is because of a dedication to nurturing both body and soul, which you can emulate by following our tips! 


Exercise Regularly

Keep your body warm and build stronger muscles this cold season! During winter, the body burns more calories than usual to keep warm and generate heat throughout the body. Although it might be cold outside, depending on your health needs, you can still opt to work out because of the wealth of indoor physical activities, such as yoga, Zumba, etc.

Not only is daily exercise fantastic for blood circulation and helps with the immune system by purging bacteria from the lungs and airways, but it also helps improve energy levels and mood because the body releases endorphins after a workout. After your workout, remember to wash your face with a salicylic acid facial wash like Bioderma Sebium Active Gel! Doing this can prevent you from getting clogged pores and acne. You can also check out our Cleanser collection and Skincare collection


Eat and Sleep Well

A healthy and balanced diet is the heart of a healthy lifestyle. A diet full of processed food and refined sugar is linked to mood disorders, which include depression. Nourishing your body from the inside out will help your immune system. 

Getting good sleep is essential. Lack of sleep can damage physical and mental health. During colder months, there is less daylight, which can offset the body’s natural clock. Combat this by maintaining a good sleep routine, being consistent in your sleep hours, and using an eye mask. Several studies indicate that using one can improve the quality of your sleep. 


Stay Social

The colder season is perfect for catching up with your loved ones! Visit your loved ones, set a meal with them, go shopping, or even schedule video calls with your friends who you can’t see in person! A quick check-in means a lot and can go a long way. It’s also a reminder that sometimes, we must focus on ourselves and those who matter the most to us. 

Studies have shown that a robust support system and social interaction are precious in helping manage negative mental health symptoms. Even if you may be physically away from those you love, there are many ways to connect, such as regular video chats and emails.


Practice Mindfulness

Just like a leaf, our thoughts may tend to scatter, but with the help of mental health practices like mindfulness and meditation, we can control and change our mindsets. These practices are proven to help with depression and anxiety. 


Create A Space For Self-Care 

It’s easier to combat winter blues if you have a self-care repertoire near you at home or work. It can be a space where you can nap, aside from where you put soft and inviting things near you! 



How do you practise self-care during winter?

There are many ways to practise self-care during the winter. Overall, they involve living a balanced lifestyle. This means getting 7-8 hours of sleep, regularly exercising, finding the time to interact socially, and being mindful. 


How do you stay healthy during the cold season?

During the colder season, you can stay healthy by following the tips mentioned in this article! Consider the French skincare products we recommend so that you can also pamper yourself and be comfortable this cold season! 


How do you maintain your mental health in winter?

You can maintain your mental health in winter by exercising, taking Vitamin D, and regularly maintaining social connections, even virtually. 


Go on a voyage to self-care inspired by French culture and aided by French Beauty Co! Embrace this winter season as it is an opportunity to enhance and pamper yourself holistically while channelling the grace and sophistication of the Parisians with our self-care tips! 

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