• Beauty Oil 100ml
  • Beauty Oil 100ml
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Beauty Oil 100ml

4 x $11.25
4 x $11.25
4 x $11.25

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This is great for the body, face and hair. Absorbs like a dream and does not mark clothing. Have just finished chemotherapy and radiation and everyone remarks how good my skin is


Love this product, really seeps into the skin so leaves no residue. My skin feels soft and lovely, and minimal to no sent.


It's good without being great. Having said that I like the spray oil on my face and the way the oil is dispersed evenly. It has a pleasant floral smell and it can be used on your hair. It didn't Mae me go wow, bur it is a very good quality product.

Judy Matthews
Gorgeous product

This is a lovely product. The oil is light with a fresh, slightly citrussy fragrance that is not overpowering. I have got in the habit of using it after showering and my skin is thanking me every day. I am quite fussy about feeling 'sticky' when I go to bed and have not been able to use a lot of body lotion type things but this is perfect. I am DEFINITELY going to keep on with this one. I also happily use it on my face and I am going to share it with all my girls!

veronique Pichodou
elixir de peau

Wow ! this one has everything ! I moisture my body everyday so I am very particular with the choice .It has to be right . This huile de beaute is fantastic . First the packaging is great, easy to use. then the scent is subtil but rich . It lingers all day very faintly but there . The dry oil penetrates quickly and does not leave a film on the skin . Deep moisture . The skin stays supple and healthy looking . It is like being enveloped in a light moisture all day . I absolutely love it .I am addicted. Will buy again and again

Lovely, light oil great for body

A fantastic dry oil. I tried it on face, hair and body, I found it a little heavy on my hair but that is the same for all dry oils on my hair. It is fantastic on the skin, however. It is lovely and light, dries very quickly and is not at all greasy/shiny. It has a lovely scent - although it is pomegranate and apricot, it somehow seems like a light floral but without being sickly sweet or grandma. Most importantly, the scent is so subtle and does not linger. No clashes with perfumes or other scents. I prefer to use it as a regular body moisturiser and am using it every night after a shower. My skin is very dry and tends to be sensitive to a lot of moisturisers, but this oil is so lovely and light, leaving my skin hydrated and soft without any negative side effects. I love it.