• [HYALU]BIOTIC Regenerating Plumping Gel Moisturiser 50ml
  • [HYALU]BIOTIC Regenerating Plumping Gel Moisturiser 50ml
  • [HYALU]BIOTIC Regenerating Plumping Gel Moisturiser 50ml
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[HYALU]BIOTIC Regenerating Plumping Gel Moisturiser 50ml

4 x $22.25
4 x $22.25
4 x $22.25

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Like Silk

Plumping Gel Moisturiser

'- Slick packaging which feels luxe
- Nice consistency to touch
- Easy to apply, don't need too much each application, leaves a slight sticky after touch once rubbed in but goes away quickly
- Has a perfume scent, gives the air of a luxury brand but would be overwhelming if you can't handle fragrance.
-leaves my face looking fresh after application. I have noticed the fine lines around my eyes are less prominent, it has had less of an impact in the deeper creases on my forehead however would like to use for longer to really test out the impact.
- for the dry nights of winter I think I would likely use a heavier cream as I don't feel like this would be enough, although I often find I need to do that with my other creams as well.

Fantastic product

Makes my skin feel instantly softer. I love the scent and feel of the product, and the packaging is simple and beautiful as well.

Light and hydrating!

As someone who has dry to normal skin, I have been loving this moisturiser! This boasts a combination of hyaluronic acid of low and medium molecular weight as the main ingredient, as well as Vitamin C and pasteurized probiotics. This claims to be able to help hydrate and regenerate the skin, while plumping it. It is also meant to help with skin elasticity, battle free radicals, brighten the complexion and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.
I've been using this twice daily for the last couple of weeks, and my skin is definitely appreciating it! This has a great light water-gel texture, which means that this gets absorbed really easily, without leaving a trace of residue on the skin. I find that this doesn't tend to react with any other products, and my skin is reaping the benefits of the ingredients! My complexion is looking a little brighter, while also staying nicely hydrated. I don't know that this has made a big difference for the fine lines, but given the other benefits, I'm going to be using this the very end!

My new favourite!

The texture of this gel feels so amazing when applying - so smooth to apply and so easily absorbed without feeling greasy or sticky. It's incredibly hydrating and my face definitely felt so much plumper. It relieves the tightness I usually have immediately and for the remainder of the day. The packaging is sleek and recyclable too. This has become my new favourite in my skin care routine!

Skin feels amazing

I can’t believe how smooth my skin feels after using the gel moisturiser. Feels amazing on my face and a little goes a long way.

Love it so much

Feels amazing on my skin, cooling and refreshing. Light fragrance that is just enough without being over powering. Skin looks bright and feels bouncy, definitely a new staple for me