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Beauty kit for nails.

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  • Polishing gives nail a shiny and smooth aspect and helps their growth.

    MAVALA NAIL BUFFER KIT contains two ergonomically designed buffers: one abrasive pad which evens out the ridges and irregularities of the nail plate; the other which polishes the nail surface and stimulates the blood circulation in the nail bed thus helping a healthy growth.

  • STEP 1 - Remove all traces of nail polish, wash and dry hands carefully. In case of ridges or irregularities, delicately even out the nail surface with the GREY buffer by lightly sliding it across the nail, in one direction only avoiding the nail tips. Reduce this step on thin, soft, fragile and delicate nails. Use this buffer maximum once a month!

    STEP 2 - With the PINK buffer polish the surface of each nail energetically with long back-and-forth movements until the desired shine is obtained. Avoid over-heating the nail and insisting too much on its tip. May be used as often as desired as the nails benefit from the stimulating effect of this step 2.