• 311 Reusable Cotton Pads 2 Pack
  • 311 Reusable Cotton Pads 2 Pack
  • 311 Reusable Cotton Pads 2 Pack
  • 311 Reusable Cotton Pads 2 Pack
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311 Reusable Cotton Pads 2 Pack

4 x $2.50
4 x $2.50
4 x $2.50

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Customer Reviews

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Kerry Pedersen
Skincare routine essential

Excellent size and clean like a dream. These babies have replaced the large cotton pads I would usually purchase, so an awesome money saver and a little step towards adding less waste to the environment. The two textured sides are another win for me.

Convenient and eco-friend

As someone who looks for convenience in her skincare routine, I am guilty of using face wipes a lot in the past and have felt bad about the environmental impact of that. These reusable cotton pads are an excellent replacement, they are soft and dry quickly too and I love that I can rinse and re-use them over and over.

Excellent product

These pads are excellent for removing make up.
They have two different sides, one for deeper cleaning and one that is beautifully soft. I have tried another brand that I didn't love so started using disposable cotton pads again. I am so happy that I now have found these so I can save on waste plus they feel so much better than anything else I have tried. I was surprised how easy they are to clean as well. My foundation and mascara comes off really easily. Highly recommend!

Alexandra O
Soft and useful

These are larger than I expected however they are still nice reusable cotton pads to use with micellar water or toner. Love that there are two sides, one being soft and the other exfoliating. These also wash well in the washing machine in a garment bag

Super soft face pads

I love that these are double-sided. I use one side for applying toners and i use the other side when I am needed a gentle face scrub. They washed well in normal machine wash so the quality seems very good.

Soft and effective

The pads were lovely and soft on one side which was gentle on my skin. The other side was great for removing grime from my skin. The only downside was that the two sides separate when using - would be better if the sides were connected internally.
Great size also :)
Really like the pads.

Game changer!

So glad I discovered these amazing reusable cotton pads! They are super soft and gentle on the skin and unlike disposable cotton pads, they do not leave any annoying cotton fibres behind, ensuring effortless and quick makeup removal. Love that they are eco-friendly as so easy to wash and reuse over and over again... saving me money as a result. I highly recommend giving these a try!