• SEBIACLEAR Adult-Acne Serum 30ml
  • SEBIACLEAR Adult-Acne Serum 30ml
  • SEBIACLEAR Adult-Acne Serum 30ml
  • SEBIACLEAR Adult-Acne Serum 30ml
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SEBIACLEAR Adult-Acne Serum 30ml

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4 x $13.75
4 x $13.75

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Customer Reviews

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Jessica Sutherland
Very nice product

The texture is lovely, the smell very fresh and my skin is better. Less blemishes.

Improvement on acne

I loved this serum, it was thin and hydrating enough for my oily combo skin! After a week, I saw improvement in my acne and pigmentation, where I had fewer breakouts and a brighter appearance.

SVR Acne Serum

Light and non-oily, not a lot needed for application leaving face feeling smoother. Great addition to routine

Solution 4 Hormonal acne

I am in my late 20s with dry skin and irregular periods, and I had never experienced acne until about a year ago. Unfortunately, hormonal acne has become a recurring issue, mainly affecting the right side of my face, chin, and areas around my mouth. I recently started using the SVR SEBIACLEAR Adult-Acne Serum, and I have been pleasantly surprised. The lightweight serum feels hydrating on my skin, and I appreciate that it doesn't leave an oily film or sticky residue. After just three days of use, I have noticed a slight improvement in my acne. What I particularly like about this serum is its key ingredients. The 14% gluconolactone acts as a gentle exfoliant, helping to remove dead skin cells without causing irritation. The 4% niacinamide, known for its skin-strengthening properties, aims to regulate oil production and minimise the appearance of pores. Additionally, the hyaluronic acid in the formula provides much-needed hydration, which is crucial for my dry skin. While it's too early to determine the long-term effects, I'm optimistic about incorporating this serum into my skincare routine and look forward to seeing further improvements in my acne over time.

Works like a treat

The liquid is not sticky and when you put it on your face, it doesn’t leave an oily film. It’s very light and easily gets absorbed by the skin. You can use it on its own or add it as a base for your normal skincare routine.
Since getting off the pill, I started noticing acne breakouts. Now my hormonal acne is out of whack! I’ve tried so many serums to help tame it but nothing is cutting it until I’ve tried this serum from Sebiaclear.
The first night I’ve tried it, I already noticed a difference the next morning. My acne weren’t as inflammed. So far, really happy with the results.

Nice enough - Jury’s out

This serum smells lovely and goes on smooth it feels quite silky, not greasy. The directions suggest you can use this alone or under your daily moisturiser. I have normal skin which can sometimes be sensitive as I get older. I tried it without moisturising afterwards and my skin felt tight and dry and this feeling was foreign to me. In terms of reducing spots the jury is still out but my skin definitely feels smoother. I’ve been using the serum morning and evenings for 2 weeks and will continue usuals as it certainly hasn’t caused a negative reaction plus feels and smells nice.

Nice feel, works well

I liked this serum a lot. When first applying it feels very light and absorbs almost instantly, with no smell (which is really good) and a light lotiony-type feel. It is absorbed almost instantly into the skin, leaving it feeling hydrated, but not greasy. I wore this under a night facial oil, and felt it worked well at its job - my skin felt hydrated, felt less sensitive by being less red in the mornings, especially after applying my day moisturiser, I had reduced spots, blackheads and bumps, and my pores also appeared tighter.
Under makeup I felt this worked at varying success levels depending on the make-up. My powder foundation it worked well with - no patchiness or dry spots, which is an improvement over my normal morning routine. Over a tinted moisturiser though I found it tended to ball up a little as the morning wore on. I do need more coverage than a tint provides though, so generally this wasn't an issue for me.
I really liked this and would purchase again.