• Super Serum 30ml
  • Super Serum 30ml
  • Super Serum 30ml
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Super Serum 30ml

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4 x $29.99
4 x $29.99

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Customer Reviews

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Nuxe Super Serum

I’ve been using this for a couple of weeks now and can already see an improvement, the product feels beautiful on my skin and I really love the pipette dispenser that ensures you use the correct amount. Recommend!

NUXE Super Serum

Luxe super serum comes in a lovely glass bottle with an easy-to-use dispenser, it was a little hard to find the instructions but once found, found the serum easy to use, the serum is light and gentle leaving skin feeling soft non greasy. I like that I can use it day and night and under my normal creme routines.

Amazing serum

I loved the feel of this serum, it was light in texture but my skin felt moisturised and the texture of my skin felt amazing. Usually serums make my skin feel tight and dry but this one did not do that at all. I’d definitely keep using it as it makes my skin glow and improves the aging I see in my skin.

Amazing serum!

This serum ticks all my boxes!
It has a lovely texture with tiny bubbles that simply melt into the skin.
It absorbs quickly and leaves my skin with a slight glow, not shiny, just perfect. I have used the serum morning and night for nearly a week and my skin is more radiant and less dull.
Lastly, the scent is absolutely beautiful.
What more could I ask for?
I highly recommend anyone to try Super Serum.

Another NUXE Gem 💎

I’ve enjoyed some NUXE products in the past and this one didn’t disappoint! A moisturising gel/oil texture with little micro beads of goodness that melt on contact with skin. Subtle scent, packaging looks great and applicator is easy to use. My combination skin loves this before bedtime, my skin still feels plump in the morning!

Amazing Serum!

Amazing serum!
My skin felt really tired after giving birth a few months ago and the serum is really helping! Incredibly hydrating, my skin feels smoother and brighter. I love the light texture and smell. Not too strong, but enough for this feel-good sensation. I use it morning and night before my moisturiser. Also great before make-up.
Easy to use pipette. Perfect product for a tired mum on the go!

Perfect for everyday

What a lovely product. I have been constantly in search for a serum that isn’t oily and absorbs quickly. It’s soft and silky after effects is perfect in my skincare routine. I love its qualities and even after a few uses feel fresh and awake. Hoping I can see a proper improvement in time. Really hope it helps clean up my dark eyes and tiredness. Absolutely love it