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Take control of oily skin and fight the occurrence of inflamed pimples and acne with Bioderma Sebium range specifically formulated for teenagers and adult acne.
Beat the 1pm Shine - French Beauty Co.

Love it or hate it, you need to have oils in your skin. Sebum (the medical term for oil) is the lipid component of the skin that protects and keeps it waterproof. It’s a barrier preventing you from losing too much water and contains the antioxidant, Vitamin E to defend free radicals from dulling the skin. Plus, it’s a thermal insulator!

But as we move into Spring and Summer, where sebum secretion is at its highest, shiny skin becomes a problem. An increase of just 1 degree Celsius in skin temperature can increase sebum secretion by 10%! On the face, sebum production is highest on the cheeks and t-zone. Did you know that sebum production is actually higher in men than women but starts much earlier in woman! Ladies first, right?

Bioderma has released two new treatments to their Sebium range to offer a long term solution to target overactive sebum production to lastingly reduce blemishes, mattify the skin and refine the skin texture. Rather than stripping all the sebum (healthy and oxidised) Bioderma can seek biological solution to restore and normalise sebum quality to return the skin back to its healthy state.

Let's take you through a complete routine to managing your oily or acne prone skin. 



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Bioderma Sebium H2O Micellar Water

The  sister of the cult Sensibio H2O, formulated specifically to target oily, combination skin.

Rather than stripping the skin, this gentle micellar technology is boosted with antibacterial ingredients - Zinc and Copper Sulphate to regulate sebum production and offer antibacterial actions to stop the growth of acne causing bacteria.



Double Cleanse

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Bioderma Sebium Purifying Foaming Gel

Sebium H2O Micellar Water can be further complimented with Sebium Gel Cleanser, a soap-free wash to purify and cleanse the skin without leaving the drying tight feeling.


Treat Oily Skin

So, how can we manage the shine? If sebum is the problem, get rid of it right? Well, its not that simple. You don’t want to strip away all the the sebum. You will have to find the balance. Don’t be afraid to moisturise when you have oily skin! In fact, it is recommended to moisturise with a lightweight and non-comedogenic product like the new Bioderma Sebium Mat Control moisturiser.

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Bioderma Sebium Mat Control Moisturiser


An instant complexion corrector to reduce surface shine for up to 8 hours, whilst smoothing  skin texture and tightening pores.

Zinc Gluconate & Vitamin B6 will transform sebum to the healthy type to keep your skin protected and from breaking out.

The mattifying powders and blurring agents will instantly mattify the surface whilst blurring out any blemishes. This cosmetic result is further enhanced with Salicylic acid which smooths and refines the skin texture. 


Treat Adult Acne

Acne. A bad high-school sweetheart that we wish to leave behind but manages to sneak its way back into our adult lives like a pesky ex. Rather than a temporary quick zap of a pimple, Bioderma offers long term solutions to target overactive sebum production, refine skin texture whilst limiting the appearance of blemishes by acting on the root of the cause; sebum. The new arrival of Sebium Sensitive is Bioderma's answer for sensitive acne prone skin.

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Bioderma Sebium Sensitive Anti-blemish Moisturiser

This soothing cream prevents new blemishes from appearing, soothes redness and inflamed pimples and prevents post inflammatory acne scars. Containing no Keratolytic action (exfoliation) to further sensitise the skin.

This cream can be also used in conjunction with other topical acne spot treatments during a breakout for a more targeted solution without compromising the whole skin barrier.


Sebium Sensitive addresses the excess production of sebum and regulates its production to make sure the skin is not over or under producing sebum, preserving a healthy skin barrier and restoring its natural hydrating function for long term result against new pimples. 

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