My Cellulite Journey…

French beauty expert Charlotte Ravet takes you on her cellulite journey, the downs and ups until she tried Cellu-Cup!
My Cellulite Journey… - French Beauty Co.
with French beauty expert Charlotte Ravet (@charlotteravetmakeup)


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Now that summer is just around the corner, it's time to prepare our skin for the sun! This time of year is always so much fun, selecting our swimming suits, lightening our hair and working on our golden glow. In France, I remember reading magazines about new tips and trends each season but every year one of the things French women love to look after is what we call "la peau d’orange", translation: “orange skin”. The “orange skin” effect on the body is the result of cellulite, with around 80% of women having it no matter what their body type is.

A dream summer body is no longer the skinny body of the 1990s but rather one that we accept and skin we love to cherish. It’s no secret that French women love natural products that deliver results without putting in too much effort. When I moved to Australia a few years ago, I had expected to find creams and tools to address cellulite in preparation or my summer body, but despite my research, I was unable to find any! Thus began my quest to discover a tool or product to even out and tone my skin tone...

Several beauty salons in France offer lymphatic drainage, which stretches skin tissue, redistributes fat cells, and improves overall circulation, all of which can reduce the “orange skin” effect and smooth out skin tone. Massages can drastically help reduce the appearance of cellulite, and the pinch and roll technique is well known for improving cellulite. To smooth the skin using a pinch and roll technique, I needed the right tool and pressure.

Cellu-Cup, Cellulite, oil, body, skin

For this reason, I eagerly tried Cellu-Cup from French Beauty Co, an under-the-shower massage tool I could use on my thighs and buttocks before summer.  Since I'm the kind of person who needs something simple to incorporate into my beauty routine that won't take me extra time or effort, finding a tool that delivers results in just a few minutes was a relief for me!

After applying the hower oil that comes with the cup, I place the cup directly on the skin and squeeze it to pinch the skin. After feeling the suction from the cup of the skin being pinched, I start massaging it. I start rolling the cup up and down and then proceed to roll it in circular motions. I can then simply rinse the skin under the shower and my legs are feeling lighter. After a few days, the appearance of the skin has already improved. For more of an in-depth treatment, I also love using the cup with massage oil outside the shower and taking a bit more time to work on the areas that need more focus. I love how you can work the product on targeted zones like tummy, arms, legs and buttocks. I have now adopted Cellu-Cup in my daily shower, it’s so quick and easy to use.


Steps on how to wake up the skin:

Step 1 - Massage shower oil into targeted body zone

 Cellu-Cup, Cellulite, oil, body, skin

Step 2 - Place cup directly on skin and pinch it to squeeze the skin. Then massage all over the area.     
      Cellu-Cup, Cellulite, oil, body, skin

Result: Skin that has been 'exercised'
Cellu-Cup, Cellulite, oil, body, skin

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