PSA: Nuxe just launched a new dry oil and it’s the bomb!

March 09, 2020

PSA: Nuxe just launched a new dry oil and it’s the bomb!

For the last three decades, Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse has been an iconic product adopted and loved by customers all around the world. Its dry oil texture and dreamy scent have succeeded in sustaining a very strong loyalty among its aficionados, so much so that is still today number 1 in many countries!

So could they possibly do anything to make it better? We think they have just done that!!!

We are very lucky that we were able to trial this first hand… here are our honest review!

1. The packaging

Well, hands down, this new pink bottle is outshining the classic version!

The new rosy glass bottle is absolutely gorgeous and will bring an extra feminine touch in your bathroom.

Huile Florale 1 – Huile Prodigieuse 0

2. The Scent

The main signature note remains the Orange Blossom, which gives a unique summer vibe the fans of Huile Prodigieuse love.

In addition, the new floral oil has been enhanced with zesty citrus notes: the key one being sparkling Grapefruit as well as floral notes of Magnolia and White Musk.

Scents can be very personal but here at French Beauty Co, we find it even more addictive than the original! We don’t think it is too girly or too floral and feel it rather the perfect version for summer months as we find the scent a little fresher on the skin!

Points go to the Huile Florale BUT we think we will alternate between the versions depending on the season (we do have a soft spot for Huile Prodigieuse Rich for the winter months!)

3. The composition

This oil moisturiser has the same dry oil texture and the same effectiveness on the body, face and hair than the original version. It still sinks into the skin beautifully without leaving a sticky or greasy feel.

Its anti-oxidant action, “anti-pollution shield” effect and its benefits on reducing the appearance of stretch marks makes it still your everyday ally. 

Its formula remains unchanged with 100% natural-origin active ingredients, no animal derived ingredients and seven botanical precious oils: Moisturising Tsubaki oil, Repairing Argan oil, Nourishing Macadamia oil, Smoothing Borage oil, Moisturising Camellia oil, Protecting Hazelnut oil and Softening Sweet Almond oil.

We have a draw: Huile Florale 1 - Huile Prodigieuse 1

Our verdict: Huile Prodigieuse or Huile Florale?

Even though we have been extremely loyal to the original Huile Prodigieuse all those years, we have to pick the new addition today… at least for a couple of months!
While the summer is still in full swing, the new fresh and floral scent and the pretty pink bottle have won us over!

You can read more on how to use Nuxe multi purpose oil here

Show me life in pink!

Nuxe dry oil floral


Huile Prodigieuse Florale

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