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About Us


French and Beauty. The words just go together, n’est-ce pas? Like Serge and Jane. A stripy top and a beret. Gooey brie and a crusty baguette.

That’s because the French do beauty so well. We don’t just mean the cool-girl hair and the just-so red lips — but also the crème de la crème of lotions and potions that they concoct.

Well, what else but spectacular skincare could you expect from the people who brought us fine dining and high fashion?

But here’s the little secret (not dirty, but beautifully cleansed) that those chic and discreet French women might not readily give up: great skin buys need not come with the haute price tag. In fact, most of the best French face care can be found at the local pharmacy. Zut alors!

Le proof: just follow any perfect-skinned Parisienne, as her ballet flats flit along those quaint cobbled streets — chances are she’s en route to her beloved pharmacie.

Well … you could follow her perfume-laced trail if you were in Paris … or you could just stay right where you are. Because we’ve taken the legwork out of the best of French beauty for you. Bon shopping!



We are a team of multilingual beauty lovers and professionals, with a mix of French and Australian heritage. (Feel free to call us the Frozzies). Despite our different backgrounds, we have one thing in common: a medicine cabinet brimful with French skincare that we’ve obsessively collected over the years. We’ve journeyed over countless French cobbles and ventured into every pharmacy we could find, taking careful note of which cult products the stylish locals and Hollywood makeup artists alike would add-to-basket.



We’re proud to stock a comprehensive range of cutting-edge skincare, cherry-picked from the shelves of French pharmacies, along with a curated collection of skincare, hair treatments, fragrance and more. You’ll find a selection of French names, from the niche to the well-known, the cult to the classic.

There are the acclaimed backstage brands Bioderma and Embryolisse; if you like to saunter down the nature-friendly path, you’ll find Nuxe and Caudalie; and if you’re also tending to your bub’s delicate skin, look no further than the dedicated baby range from Mustela.

Whether you want dermocosmetic solutions for a specific skin issue, a nurturing new face care routine, or all-over body TLC, we’ve got you covered. No matter how many candles are on your birthday gâteau. Because, as the French say, ‘La beauté n’a pas d’âge. Beauty doesn’t have an age. And le hurrah for that.



Expert Advice: We pride ourselves on customer service. To ensure you get the most out of your beauty experience, we’re here to help you every petit step of the way. Call, email, or livechat us, and one of our experts will be there for you.

Premium Service: At French Beauty Co. we guarantee genuine, fairly priced products, delivered in a timely manner.

We source our products with love directly from the French manufacturers or their representative/official distributor in Australia offering prices benchmarked to French pharmacy prices.*

And Cerise on the cake, you can buy now and pay later thanks to our Afterpay service.

If you still need a little more convincing, discover more on our commitments page: Here

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French Beauty Co. is 100% Made in France, 100% Australian Operated

* For the products directly purchased from the manufacturers.